Dr. Vijak Haddadi

Producer | Philanthropist | Philosopher

My mission is to create, integrate, and lead a new wave of culturally impactful ventures and projects that reflect a heightened level of consciousness of an integrated and awake planetarian community. After years of study in humanities, business, and philosophy, in which I developed and taught theories of entrepreneurial creation at leading universities in Europe, I settled in Toronto – the emerging global hub for multi-cultural integration and globally impactful media ventures.

Here, I devised and built a cultural incubator – honoured and recognized by the City of Toronto – which fostered startups which advanced significant cultural innovation. Subsequently, I co-created and integrated a system of interconnected ventures in media, art, music and fashion, now encompassed in the 9 Systems Group of companies of which I am President and Chairman.

The 9 Systems Group of companies includes companies like TV content production company 9 Media Studios which produces original Canadian content for Rogers TV and Bell Fibe, the film festival MIFF which encourages innovative filmmakers to bend the conventional rules of film, the talent house CASA which aims at developing and commercialising budding Canadian artists and creatives, and the NISE clothing line which combines far reaching community impact with revolultionary streetwear innovation.

“On Toronto taking on the global stage”

“On the journey towards creating 9 Media Studios”

“On our philosophy of creation”

9MediaStudios is a media production house that seeks to express the vision and identity of its clients. We take strides in revolutionizing the way the world sees itself, by producing premium digital media content that captivates audiences.

We have built long-lasting relationships with key players in the media and entertainment world, while maintaining a strong community outreach program to various non-for-profits and charities. With our crew, commitment and ongoing desire to learn and create, we bring you 9Media.

NISE Clothing – More than a Brand, it a way of Life!
Nise clothing is an innovative apparel company that embodies street culture. Our clothing reflects unity and strength while providing timeless pieces that are captivating to a diverse audience. Each article of clothing is flawlessly crafted to uphold our standards of excellence. Wear a piece of NISE clothing, wear history in the making.

CASA is a talent agency providing services for a variety of artists in toronto. We specialize in booking artists for advertisements, commercials and or music videos.

Our CASA talent showcase is held monthly to broaden brand awareness in regards to cultivating aligned souls and art forms. It is designed to attract and appeal to millennials defined as trend setters, and conventional breakers advocating for unity within the arts community. Such forms of art target: dance, spoken word, fashion, and or visual art.