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This illumination combines the Source Code Illumination with the Phase of Life Illumination, giving you a full grasp and mastery of your birth matrix as well as your current cycles in life. There will also be an additional follow-up call to develop spiritual methods and LVL UP strategies for mastering your current challenges.


Questions illuminated:

  • What is your mission and life purpose?

  • What are the main challenges in your life and what are the lessons behind them?

  • Where are your main opportunities for authentic growth and personal development?

  • At what point in the karmic cycles of my life am I currently?

  • What are the special challenges and opportunities of this phase in my life?

  • What are the special challenges and opportunities of the current year in my life?

  • What upcoming developments can I expect in the future and how should I prepare and attune for it?

Source Code + Phase of Life Illumination Combo

  • One preparatory phone call and two full illumination sessions via video call, recorded for you, as well as one follow-up call to develop results and LVL  UP strategies