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In this unique personal accelerator program Dr V will work with you in 4 one-on-one sessions and 4 follow-up calls spaced over 2 months to identify your destiny challenges and develop effective tailormade Psycho-Cosmic Programming techniques with you to help you turn your challenges into opportunities and maximize your personal Growth in all areas of life.


Questions illuminated:

  • Which concrete methods and techniques can you use to Shift Your Reality and align your life with your higher purpose?

  • Which techniques can you use to master your life challenges?

  • Which techniques can you apply to make effective use of opportunities in your life and maximize your personal growth to reach more peace, power and abundance?

Strategic Spiritual Accelerator

    • 4 Sessions via video call, recorded for you, plus 4 follow-up calls, spaced over 2 months

    • Free email support for the duration of the program